7 things every man should own

If a man is only as good as his possessions, here are 7 things a man should acquire.

 7. ties / bow ties


A tie can make the suit.  It is the ultimate accent to a fine suit, an easy way to dress up a button down, the perfect way to take your outfit from casual to night-out-ready Not only is it a great accent to the perfect suit, there are a number of other uses for this wardrobe staple: 1) it can be a sexy restraint in the bedroom (spice up your married life) 2) if you are ever stranded on the second story of a house, neck ties could be tied together to help you Rapunzel out of the window (bet ya didn’t think of that one.)

 6. A flask.


Not every occasion calls for a drink. However, some occasions make you want to.  That’s why a nifty flask can always come in handy. Its sleek, fits in your pocket so therefore it can be easily concealed.  It can serve as a huge help in unfortunate situations.  For example, you run into your ex, take a sip, your boss is being a jerk (more so than usual), take a sip, you’re at another lovely wedding, you guessed it, take a sip, bar tabs running high lately? Carrying your own flasks well help during economic hard times.

 5. Own a gun….


nuff said

4. Swiss army knife


 Ah, the Swiss, not known for much more than their cheese…they have also brought us the handy pocketknife. This is essentially a modern man’s batman belt.  Full of useful tools that allow us to be the ultimate man

3. Shaving kit


Although I may not condone the act of shaving, to have the freshest beard, it is necessary to groom and keep the beard looking top notch. This is not made possible without a quality shaving kit.

2. Toolbox


What time is it? Tool time. All the time, Tim Taylor would agree…Every man should own a tool box encasing an assortment of all of your basic tools: hammer, nails, socket wrenches, screw drivers, a good pair of pliers, drills and drill bits, etc.  Tools are always good to have around whether you’re a handyman or not – it’s a useful item to increase your manliness.

 1. Jumper cables


This item is not only useful, but will likely provide an opportunity to score yourself a woman.  What better way to appear heroic than to rescue a damsel in distress.  How many times have you seen a woman with a dead battery? Coutless. She needs a man, she needs YOU to save the day.  Always keep jumper cabels in your car. Although jumping a car may be one of the easiest of tasks,  you will easily become the hero when you can put these cables to use and save a woman from being stranded with a dead vehicle (although the roads may be a bit safer if their kind would stay off of them).  What I’m saying here is keeping jumper cables will not only be helpful to you at times, but also could potentially be helpful to your love life.


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