Essential needs for a great beard

Every man that is a “beardsmen” should keep his beard as kempt as possible.

Recently I’ve been doing research on some of the best products out there to keep the facial hair under control.

One company I’ve found that makes awesome beard oil with a great cause is Beardsauce. Dan and Megan have been some great friends through out my life. Heck, Dan knew me when my face was a smooth as a baby’s bottom and my arms as big as tooth picks. Check them out and the mission they support!


Mensspiffystuff is another great beard company that puts out a great beard balm, wax, and oil. I found these guys on Instagram and through a bearded brethren. Although the website could be a little better, they seem to have great customer service. On their Instagram they are always keeping up with customers and fans. All around great company!


Clubmans Mustace wax. This is a personal favorite of mine. A little dab will do it. Also, the great thing about them is you can buy it a CVS! Caution:  if you have a darker stache it drys white so that can be a downside for darker haired men.


Just for men. I dont think ive ever herd someone talk openly about dying their beard, but it helps make it look fuller. Most guys have differnt tents of hair color in their beard. Dying the beard makes it all one color giving it the apperance of a thicker fuller beard.


The last but definitely not the least… When looking for a great shampoo to make your beard thicker, I herd rumors that Mane N’ Tail would do just that. I was a bit of a skeptic however, I thought that I would give it a try. Well needless to say it defently made  my beard look thicker and stronger. The best way I found to improve the over all condition and look of my beard was to shampoo, rinse and leave the conditoner in for 2 to 5 minutes. It is an essential for any beard grower.


Keeping your beard up will result in stroking from a woman…. stroking of the beard of course. Look at this couple in the background.


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