The manly-man bucket list

Death comes to every man.  It is inevitable.  Although, we as men, like to believe we are immortal (superheroes if you will), ultimately we will all die. Once you accept that, you should plan to make the most of your time here on earth.  There are certain things I feel that every man should experience in his life. I have put together a list of five things I believe every man should do before he “kicks the bucket.”

5. Grow a beard and/or mustache

As a man, it is our God-given right to grow a beard. In this “mansome” generation, we are told, “shave your beards or mustaches! Keep your hands manicured! [what?!] Moisturize your face!!!”  Essentially, “give up your manhood!” I say, TAKE IT BACK! Grow that beard! Grow it as long and as handsome as you like…or as much as your genetics will allow.

4. Go on a camping/hunting trip

We are primal beings by nature. Whether you believe in evolution or creationist theory, as a species we came into this world living in and amongst nature. So as a man, before one dies we need to reconnect with our ancestors. So grab a good smoking tobacco, a good brew and some buddies and go explore the great outdoors.

3. Suit up.

Although the idea of a perfect man is obviously a flannel-wearing, bearded, Harley-riding badass. even the manliest of men should own a good tailored suit.  A well tailored suit is to a woman, as fine lingerie is to a man. I doubt any man or woman would disagree that we could all take a little advice from JT and don a suit and tie when the occasion presents itself.  😉 Afterall, “every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man.”

2. Work a hard, manual labor job

The bible says if you do not work you should not eat. I’m sick of seeing men today sit around and wait on the government to provide for them.  I think that at some point every man should work a hard, get-your-hands-dirty, type of job.  Afterall, it is called MANual labor for a reason, men! Whether it’s building a house, working construction, fixing a car, working the land, or wrangling cattle, everyman should work for what he has…but always be generous to those in need – which brings me to number one on our list…  but before we go to number one here’s a tad bit of advice from Henry Ford. Wood.

1. Help a person in need.

Along with everything else we can learn from this fine generation, we have learned to become very self-centered.  A man is not defined by merely his brawn or his beard, or the possessions he’s acquired.   His heart and his attitude towards life and those around him are what define a real man.  Before leaving this earth, it is your manly duty to help those who are in need when ever possible. If you take nothing else away from this list, take with you number one. EVERY man is capable of helping a person in need.  Generosity, chivalry, and strength of heart are what make a real man.


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