If you’re looking for a thirsty woman, shell just assume you’re a dog.

The old saying goes, “A man is only as good as the Woman behind him.”If this is true, and I’m not for second saying it is, then some men need to learn how to “pick up” a women. Most men get stuck in the “Friend Zone.” This Little tid bit of advice, is a quick step by step on how to be viewed as less of “just a friend” and more of a potential mate. Example

Before we go into any steps, there is one thing i need to make sure i explain. I am a Advertizing major. I have been in school to learn how to sell useless products to people that don’t need them. Let’s be honest, today woman are told, “be independent! You don’t need a man!…theres no point in a relationship!” and so on and on and on. So, most woman are not “looking.” But, men let me reassure you, they are. But like any useless product that can be sold, you too can sell yourself. It’s all about the approach.

We learn in Advertizing that you need to “creat a problem, then sell the solution.”

These steps, will rely a lot on that main fundamental.
So heres the situation.

The Problem: The Woman is looking for a relationship, you…you are the solution.

Some of you might be asking how am I the solution? You are the solution because you can be exactly what she is looking for. You just have to have the courage to know that you are what she needs.

1. The approach
Most men shy away because of the fear of rejection. That fear is felt even by the best ladies man. On the initial approach you need to intrigue the woman while still reaming genuine. Men, compliments are great, but woman expect them. If you think the girl is gorgeous its likely that every other guy in building thinks so too. So start off with a different approach, which brings us to number two…

2. Always ask questions.
Be interested in what she has to say.ask a question about the bar, coffee shop, the drink she’s drinking. keep going into the conversation
Even if you have no idea what she is talking about be honest and tell her politely. Try and have something intelligent to say back. Keep her talking and thinking, but don’t dive into past relationships on the first encounter. Doing so will put you into the friend zone and there is no reason in bringing up old dirt. Keep the conversation light and fun.

3. Make her Laugh
Women love a guy with a sense of humor! If you can add a witty comment while talking you basically have her hooked. You’ll seem less threatening, appear more comfortable and confident, thus separating yourself from every other guy.

4. Compliment her
Now that you have broken the ice, give the compliment. this will show your intentions are more than friendship and you have a interest in her in a romantic way. now that she knows you see her as a person the compliment will be better received. MEN! make sure the compliment is tactful, you are a gentleman not a starving dog in heat. Because if all your looking for is thirsty woman (female dogs) shell assume YOU are just a dog.

5. Ask for her number
The wrap up is the most important part, this is where you seal the deal! be bold and ask for her number. even if you don’t get it, it’s not the end of the world. Sometimes woman are just not ready, they may be romantically involved. Make sure you leave a lasting impression. Because, at some point you may run into them agin.

Remember even though this seems like a fool proof plan. Its not. Everything is situational, the better conversationalist you become the more confident you will seem when talking to woman.


2 thoughts on “If you’re looking for a thirsty woman, shell just assume you’re a dog.

  1. Very nice! I agree with everything you said. Men need to take charge, not like our generation now where men are turning into boys.

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