The manliest band you probably wont listen to

The manliest band you’ll never listen too

Recently I have discoverd a band that I was most likely surprised by. Before I reveal the band I want to let everyone know do not knock it before you try it! This band has inspired me to pick up my cmguitar agin turn on my Marshall JCM 900 and play music once agin.

The band is Hanson!

Yes, Hanson the mmmbop guy’s from the early 90’s who get a bad wrap for being kid mucus ins.

Let me tell you now why they are a manly band. First if you know anything about music…at all you can’t deny these MEN got chops. I’ve never in my life herd and band so tight with great harmonies live. With the exception of the Los Lonely Boys.

Although the men of Hanson may not be as crazy as the Hanson brothers yes I’m referring the the triplets from the movie Slap Shots.


They are manly men. And here’s why.

1. They are craftsmen
Now a days most “artist” and I use that term losely do not write their own music. These guys can play, write and perform. That is a rarity in todays world. They have taken time to understand and perfect their craft.

2. They are persistent
After being dropping from their major record label. Hanson decided to keep at it! And with all the strife that can cause they perceived unlike the Jonas brothers. Men preserver. Just like Rocky Balboa said. keep moving forward after getting hit

3. Scott Ian of Anthrax gives them the thumbs up.

4.They have there own BEER!

MMHOPS! what man does not dream of having their own beer? Well they did and they created it!


If my reasonings did’nt prove it maybe their music can stand alone heres a song off their new album Anthem


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