Which of These Three Men Are You?

This Post was written by a good friend of mine Joffre Swait. He is a giant. Im not kidding, my first encounter of him was at a rugby game. Towering over everyone, he was sporting an epic beard and a cigar in his mouth. He enjoys his tobacco, beer and family (not in that order). Check out his blog here. To follow him on Twitter @Joffrethegiant.


There is a man who is small and mean. He is the slave of his base appetites, distracted at every turn from being fully a man by his hunger, his sex, and his sloth. His greatest desire is to make it to the weekend, when he will not have to work the following morning, that he may drink himself into the stupidity he craves. His weeknights he spends sweatily online, desperately fapping to images of women he would make into his slaves if only he had the will. He himself is a slave to his most base desires, reaching masturbatorily for the quickest fix to his latest urge, each new urge turning in this way into a new master.

There is another man who is virile, and possessed of a flint forehead. He is untrammelled by his low appetites; instead, he is their master. In that mastery he sees a strength worthy of recognition. He dominates not only himself, but any who are not strong enough to overcome him. His desire is for something else. He seeks power, and surrounds himself with the trappings thereof. Ensnared by his desire for mastery, he seeks desperately to hide any evidence of the pit he has dug for himself with the symbols of power.

There is a third man whose longings and desires are not misplaced. This is the man who is at peace with God and man, including himself. He neither is dominated nor seeks to dominate. His will governs his own desires, and that most kindly, because his will desires good. He therefore has joy, because his desire, like any desire, is shaped by its object, and its object is good. He has peace because he has joy, and is happy because he has peace.

You might be all three men, but which of these three men do you wish to be?

What I mean to ask is, will you be a cigarette smoker, a cigar smoker, or a pipe smoker?


“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.” -Julian of Norwich


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