The manliest band you probably wont listen to

The manliest band you’ll never listen too

Recently I have discoverd a band that I was most likely surprised by. Before I reveal the band I want to let everyone know do not knock it before you try it! This band has inspired me to pick up my cmguitar agin turn on my Marshall JCM 900 and play music once agin.

The band is Hanson!

Yes, Hanson the mmmbop guy’s from the early 90’s who get a bad wrap for being kid mucus ins.

Let me tell you now why they are a manly band. First if you know anything about music…at all you can’t deny these MEN got chops. I’ve never in my life herd and band so tight with great harmonies live. With the exception of the Los Lonely Boys.

Although the men of Hanson may not be as crazy as the Hanson brothers yes I’m referring the the triplets from the movie Slap Shots.


They are manly men. And here’s why.

1. They are craftsmen
Now a days most “artist” and I use that term losely do not write their own music. These guys can play, write and perform. That is a rarity in todays world. They have taken time to understand and perfect their craft.

2. They are persistent
After being dropping from their major record label. Hanson decided to keep at it! And with all the strife that can cause they perceived unlike the Jonas brothers. Men preserver. Just like Rocky Balboa said. keep moving forward after getting hit

3. Scott Ian of Anthrax gives them the thumbs up.

4.They have there own BEER!

MMHOPS! what man does not dream of having their own beer? Well they did and they created it!


If my reasonings did’nt prove it maybe their music can stand alone heres a song off their new album Anthem


Which of These Three Men Are You?

This Post was written by a good friend of mine Joffre Swait. He is a giant. Im not kidding, my first encounter of him was at a rugby game. Towering over everyone, he was sporting an epic beard and a cigar in his mouth. He enjoys his tobacco, beer and family (not in that order). Check out his blog here. To follow him on Twitter @Joffrethegiant.


There is a man who is small and mean. He is the slave of his base appetites, distracted at every turn from being fully a man by his hunger, his sex, and his sloth. His greatest desire is to make it to the weekend, when he will not have to work the following morning, that he may drink himself into the stupidity he craves. His weeknights he spends sweatily online, desperately fapping to images of women he would make into his slaves if only he had the will. He himself is a slave to his most base desires, reaching masturbatorily for the quickest fix to his latest urge, each new urge turning in this way into a new master.

There is another man who is virile, and possessed of a flint forehead. He is untrammelled by his low appetites; instead, he is their master. In that mastery he sees a strength worthy of recognition. He dominates not only himself, but any who are not strong enough to overcome him. His desire is for something else. He seeks power, and surrounds himself with the trappings thereof. Ensnared by his desire for mastery, he seeks desperately to hide any evidence of the pit he has dug for himself with the symbols of power.

There is a third man whose longings and desires are not misplaced. This is the man who is at peace with God and man, including himself. He neither is dominated nor seeks to dominate. His will governs his own desires, and that most kindly, because his will desires good. He therefore has joy, because his desire, like any desire, is shaped by its object, and its object is good. He has peace because he has joy, and is happy because he has peace.

You might be all three men, but which of these three men do you wish to be?

What I mean to ask is, will you be a cigarette smoker, a cigar smoker, or a pipe smoker?


“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.” -Julian of Norwich

4 Things a Man Should Be (Guest Post)

Written by Micah Taylor

This weekend Johnny approached me at a wedding–well he didn’t so much approach me as he just yelled to me as we were dancing next to each other during some song about raining dollar bills on less than reputable women–and asked if I would write a guest entry for this blog. I agreed, and asked Johnny what type of content he was looking for.

“Anything about beards or manliness,” he said.

“Wait, aren’t the two mutually exclusive?”

We laughed. And y’know, while that running joke among men who can actually grow facial hair is all well and good, the truth is, it’s rather unfortunate that genetics alone don’t determine what makes a man. Unfortunate because, if that were the case, I wouldn’t have to try so hard to live up to an actual standard of manliness every day, I could just wake up and be good to go.  But alas, there is a standard, and it’s not measured in beard length.

So your beard–or your bench max, or your car’s top speed, or the price of your “timepiece”–is not the measure of manliness. In fact, there are plenty of men who I consider a shining example of manhood who can’t grow a sprout of facial hair. I can’t think of a single one right now, but they’re out there. I can also think of plenty of bearded men who are just destructive little boys in a man’s body. What then, defines a man?

Well, here are a few things I believe, fundamentally, any real man is (and ladies, stick around for this read, because here are things to look for in a man):

  1. A cultivator.
    In Genesis 2 we see God showing man how to create and then tasking him with the responsibility of cultivating–that is to promote and improve growth by labor and attention. It starts with a garden (Genesis 2.15) then moves to people (Matthew 28.19). The concept is that you work to make something better. Whish brings me to my next characteristic…
  2. A worker.
    Men should not be defined by their jobs. However, men should be judged on their work ethic. So what you have your masters degree in rocket science and have applied to a few places. If it’s been a month and still no job and you spend the majority of your days watching episodes of Game of Thrones, you are a failure. I don’t care if you have a doctorate degree and twelve years of experience, working at Best Buy or waiting tables at a TGI Fridays is not beneath you, because work is not beneath you. So get a job, or go build a house in your free time, or volunteer to scrub the floors at a retirement home. Just do some work.
  3. A meat eater.
    If you are a man, you will eat this, or we can't be friends.

    If you are a man, you will eat this, or we can’t be friends.

    Animals are for food. Plain and simple. I can get behind the mentality that there are living hunks of food who are improperly treated by unethical companies in an industry that does not deserve our support. So don’t eat at McDonalds then. If that’s your conviction, there’s a great farm-to-table movement that assures you that each cow, chicken, and pig is raised in a humane environment and treated like family all the way up to the time it hits your plate. Support this. Or go respectfully kill a wild deer. One minute it’s a free animal living without a worry in the wild, the next minute it’s tasty food on your plate providing nourishment for you and your family. I really can’t think of a better way to go out. I hope I get the honor of such a death.

  4. A lover.
    Lover does not mean man whore. I hate that the word has taken on some twisted sleazy Casanova vibe. But simply, I mean a man who shows love and compassion to everyone. Who resorts first to words, not violence. Who seeks out the good of others rather than selfish gain.

Well, that’s about all the space I have. But I’ll leave you with a picture of my wife and me. Yes, she is way out of my league. And yes, the beard did help, but it clearly wouldn’t have been enough. This is proof that if you chase after being the right things, someone might accidentally think you’re a real man after all.


If you’re looking for a thirsty woman, shell just assume you’re a dog.

The old saying goes, “A man is only as good as the Woman behind him.”If this is true, and I’m not for second saying it is, then some men need to learn how to “pick up” a women. Most men get stuck in the “Friend Zone.” This Little tid bit of advice, is a quick step by step on how to be viewed as less of “just a friend” and more of a potential mate. Example

Before we go into any steps, there is one thing i need to make sure i explain. I am a Advertizing major. I have been in school to learn how to sell useless products to people that don’t need them. Let’s be honest, today woman are told, “be independent! You don’t need a man!…theres no point in a relationship!” and so on and on and on. So, most woman are not “looking.” But, men let me reassure you, they are. But like any useless product that can be sold, you too can sell yourself. It’s all about the approach.

We learn in Advertizing that you need to “creat a problem, then sell the solution.”

These steps, will rely a lot on that main fundamental.
So heres the situation.

The Problem: The Woman is looking for a relationship, you…you are the solution.

Some of you might be asking how am I the solution? You are the solution because you can be exactly what she is looking for. You just have to have the courage to know that you are what she needs.

1. The approach
Most men shy away because of the fear of rejection. That fear is felt even by the best ladies man. On the initial approach you need to intrigue the woman while still reaming genuine. Men, compliments are great, but woman expect them. If you think the girl is gorgeous its likely that every other guy in building thinks so too. So start off with a different approach, which brings us to number two…

2. Always ask questions.
Be interested in what she has to say.ask a question about the bar, coffee shop, the drink she’s drinking. keep going into the conversation
Even if you have no idea what she is talking about be honest and tell her politely. Try and have something intelligent to say back. Keep her talking and thinking, but don’t dive into past relationships on the first encounter. Doing so will put you into the friend zone and there is no reason in bringing up old dirt. Keep the conversation light and fun.

3. Make her Laugh
Women love a guy with a sense of humor! If you can add a witty comment while talking you basically have her hooked. You’ll seem less threatening, appear more comfortable and confident, thus separating yourself from every other guy.

4. Compliment her
Now that you have broken the ice, give the compliment. this will show your intentions are more than friendship and you have a interest in her in a romantic way. now that she knows you see her as a person the compliment will be better received. MEN! make sure the compliment is tactful, you are a gentleman not a starving dog in heat. Because if all your looking for is thirsty woman (female dogs) shell assume YOU are just a dog.

5. Ask for her number
The wrap up is the most important part, this is where you seal the deal! be bold and ask for her number. even if you don’t get it, it’s not the end of the world. Sometimes woman are just not ready, they may be romantically involved. Make sure you leave a lasting impression. Because, at some point you may run into them agin.

Remember even though this seems like a fool proof plan. Its not. Everything is situational, the better conversationalist you become the more confident you will seem when talking to woman.

Things every father should teach his son.

Growing up without a father is not an easy thing for anyone. The father is the strong hold (or should be) the strong hold for every family.

Proverbs 22:6 – “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” 

There is no book formual on how to be the perfect father or parent.The father is to train and discipline his son. In this training and discipling I believe that there are 5 things every father should teach his son.

5. How to play catch
The time spent playing catch are some of the most memorable times in the boy’s life. He’ll always remember the time dad came home to spend just tossing the ball around talking about the day.

4.How to mow the lawn
Learning to mow the lawn may seem weird, but it teaches the value of hard work and teaches to have respect for the family’s house hold appearance. Not only the appearance of the yard but how anything the son does reflects back on to the family.

3.How to drive
Learning to drive is a right of passage for any teenager. In a boy’s life as the father teaches him to drive he is also showing him how to be responsible. This is also a time for the father to show trust by letting him take the family car on the first date.

2. How to love/respect his mother

If the father shows his son how to love and respect his mother. The son will learn how to love and respect other woman.

1. How to pray
If a father that is man enough to admit to his son that he does not have all the answers the son will learn how to be humble. It is the fathers job to teach his son to pray when times are hard and to turn to the Lord when times are hard. Isaiah 38:19 The living, the living, he thanks you, as I do this day; the father makes known to the children your faithfulness.

Isaiah 38:19 “The living, the living, he thanks you, as I do this day; the father makes known to the children your faithfulness.”

The manly-man bucket list

Death comes to every man.  It is inevitable.  Although, we as men, like to believe we are immortal (superheroes if you will), ultimately we will all die. Once you accept that, you should plan to make the most of your time here on earth.  There are certain things I feel that every man should experience in his life. I have put together a list of five things I believe every man should do before he “kicks the bucket.”

5. Grow a beard and/or mustache

As a man, it is our God-given right to grow a beard. In this “mansome” generation, we are told, “shave your beards or mustaches! Keep your hands manicured! [what?!] Moisturize your face!!!”  Essentially, “give up your manhood!” I say, TAKE IT BACK! Grow that beard! Grow it as long and as handsome as you like…or as much as your genetics will allow.

4. Go on a camping/hunting trip

We are primal beings by nature. Whether you believe in evolution or creationist theory, as a species we came into this world living in and amongst nature. So as a man, before one dies we need to reconnect with our ancestors. So grab a good smoking tobacco, a good brew and some buddies and go explore the great outdoors.

3. Suit up.

Although the idea of a perfect man is obviously a flannel-wearing, bearded, Harley-riding badass. even the manliest of men should own a good tailored suit.  A well tailored suit is to a woman, as fine lingerie is to a man. I doubt any man or woman would disagree that we could all take a little advice from JT and don a suit and tie when the occasion presents itself.  😉 Afterall, “every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man.”

2. Work a hard, manual labor job

The bible says if you do not work you should not eat. I’m sick of seeing men today sit around and wait on the government to provide for them.  I think that at some point every man should work a hard, get-your-hands-dirty, type of job.  Afterall, it is called MANual labor for a reason, men! Whether it’s building a house, working construction, fixing a car, working the land, or wrangling cattle, everyman should work for what he has…but always be generous to those in need – which brings me to number one on our list…  but before we go to number one here’s a tad bit of advice from Henry Ford. Wood.

1. Help a person in need.

Along with everything else we can learn from this fine generation, we have learned to become very self-centered.  A man is not defined by merely his brawn or his beard, or the possessions he’s acquired.   His heart and his attitude towards life and those around him are what define a real man.  Before leaving this earth, it is your manly duty to help those who are in need when ever possible. If you take nothing else away from this list, take with you number one. EVERY man is capable of helping a person in need.  Generosity, chivalry, and strength of heart are what make a real man.

How to pack a pipe.

I love smoking pipes. Starting pipe smoking can be intimidating. Sometimes the older pipe smokers are intimidating to ask questions to so here are some good youtube videos on how to properly clean, pack and light your pipe. Hope this helps some beginners out there. For more help go to CI Nation’s youtube channel.




Essential needs for a great beard

Every man that is a “beardsmen” should keep his beard as kempt as possible.

Recently I’ve been doing research on some of the best products out there to keep the facial hair under control.

One company I’ve found that makes awesome beard oil with a great cause is Beardsauce. Dan and Megan have been some great friends through out my life. Heck, Dan knew me when my face was a smooth as a baby’s bottom and my arms as big as tooth picks. Check them out and the mission they support!


Mensspiffystuff is another great beard company that puts out a great beard balm, wax, and oil. I found these guys on Instagram and through a bearded brethren. Although the website could be a little better, they seem to have great customer service. On their Instagram they are always keeping up with customers and fans. All around great company!


Clubmans Mustace wax. This is a personal favorite of mine. A little dab will do it. Also, the great thing about them is you can buy it a CVS! Caution:  if you have a darker stache it drys white so that can be a downside for darker haired men.


Just for men. I dont think ive ever herd someone talk openly about dying their beard, but it helps make it look fuller. Most guys have differnt tents of hair color in their beard. Dying the beard makes it all one color giving it the apperance of a thicker fuller beard.


The last but definitely not the least… When looking for a great shampoo to make your beard thicker, I herd rumors that Mane N’ Tail would do just that. I was a bit of a skeptic however, I thought that I would give it a try. Well needless to say it defently made  my beard look thicker and stronger. The best way I found to improve the over all condition and look of my beard was to shampoo, rinse and leave the conditoner in for 2 to 5 minutes. It is an essential for any beard grower.


Keeping your beard up will result in stroking from a woman…. stroking of the beard of course. Look at this couple in the background.

7 things every man should own

If a man is only as good as his possessions, here are 7 things a man should acquire.

 7. ties / bow ties


A tie can make the suit.  It is the ultimate accent to a fine suit, an easy way to dress up a button down, the perfect way to take your outfit from casual to night-out-ready Not only is it a great accent to the perfect suit, there are a number of other uses for this wardrobe staple: 1) it can be a sexy restraint in the bedroom (spice up your married life) 2) if you are ever stranded on the second story of a house, neck ties could be tied together to help you Rapunzel out of the window (bet ya didn’t think of that one.)

 6. A flask.


Not every occasion calls for a drink. However, some occasions make you want to.  That’s why a nifty flask can always come in handy. Its sleek, fits in your pocket so therefore it can be easily concealed.  It can serve as a huge help in unfortunate situations.  For example, you run into your ex, take a sip, your boss is being a jerk (more so than usual), take a sip, you’re at another lovely wedding, you guessed it, take a sip, bar tabs running high lately? Carrying your own flasks well help during economic hard times.

 5. Own a gun….


nuff said

4. Swiss army knife


 Ah, the Swiss, not known for much more than their cheese…they have also brought us the handy pocketknife. This is essentially a modern man’s batman belt.  Full of useful tools that allow us to be the ultimate man

3. Shaving kit


Although I may not condone the act of shaving, to have the freshest beard, it is necessary to groom and keep the beard looking top notch. This is not made possible without a quality shaving kit.

2. Toolbox


What time is it? Tool time. All the time, Tim Taylor would agree…Every man should own a tool box encasing an assortment of all of your basic tools: hammer, nails, socket wrenches, screw drivers, a good pair of pliers, drills and drill bits, etc.  Tools are always good to have around whether you’re a handyman or not – it’s a useful item to increase your manliness.

 1. Jumper cables


This item is not only useful, but will likely provide an opportunity to score yourself a woman.  What better way to appear heroic than to rescue a damsel in distress.  How many times have you seen a woman with a dead battery? Coutless. She needs a man, she needs YOU to save the day.  Always keep jumper cabels in your car. Although jumping a car may be one of the easiest of tasks,  you will easily become the hero when you can put these cables to use and save a woman from being stranded with a dead vehicle (although the roads may be a bit safer if their kind would stay off of them).  What I’m saying here is keeping jumper cables will not only be helpful to you at times, but also could potentially be helpful to your love life.


5. The men of Duck Dynasty. Not only is the quack attack back, jack, but they have brought beards back to the forefront!


4. “Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man”… and a long beard. That’s why ZZ Top is coming in at number four.


3. Ryan Gosling…just look at him, does anything else need to be said? 


2. Gandolf , The picture speaks for it self.


1. Jesus; Yes he loves me. He also loves his beard.